The force is strong with this one 
Artwork by Ice Inspired by Lima. 


Back after a very long art hiatus, Too long that I become lazy making something out of nothing.

Now i’m sort of struggling to keep the fire burning hahaha lol

 Sample illustration for some kiddie magazine.

Under the supervision of Team Manila Graphic Design Studio

Bearbecue : Mono Exhibit

Tiptoe: 18x24 Silkscreen on Canvas

Volition and Stability Exhibit : Vinyl on Vinyl, The Collective. 81812

Rationale: Basically it’s Ganesh the hindu god of happiness. I believe that in order to attain happiness one must balance every element. I used Tiptoe for the title, cause even though an Elephant’s leg looks like a solid column, it actually stands on tip-toe. It’s also a fact that elephants have their 6th toe just google it :)

Poster for CSB’s Export Management Society. Not Final, but I prefer this 2. First, one kinda resembles the approved poster.

Just playing around / Pattern + Colors :)

Just to get my hands and my mind off the usual corporate shit.  :)

Due to Persian Grill Kebab I arrived super late at the MMA AWARDS night 2012. Or maybe, I don’t really wanna show up. Anyways Super Late that I really have no idea what had happened to the event. Clueless, I decided to take pictures of the Aftermath.

On my way home I saw Sir Jesse a.k.a Sam Milby, he told that I won the Best in Graphic Design Award. Wasn’t expecting anything that night. Thanks for all the support new tumblr followers, new clients etc. All of the nominees were indeed Awesome in their own different styles and fields. Congratulations to everyone involved! 

Sometimes I tend to be stupid :)